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About Natasha Bishop


Natasha is an indie contemporary romance author living in Baltimore, MD. She likes to write about sweet and badass women and the men that love them down.

She’s been writing for as long as she can remember. It started with short stories in elementary school and graduated to poems, TV show scripts, and novels. 

When she started to write to be published, she decided to pursue romance because she loves to highlight couples who conquer emotional turmoil together and have fun along the way. 

She believes in letting love lead, one spicy book at a time.

Some of her favorite romance authors include J.L. Seegars, A.E. Valdez, Asia Monique, Dandridge Monroe, Miyeko May, M. Monique, BriAnn Danae, Kennedy Ryan, Kimberly Brown, Christina C. Jones, Nicole Falls, Danielle Allen, Eve Kasey, Andrea Hopkins, Alexandra Warren, Rilzy Adams, and so many more. If you ever have any books, movies, and TV shows to recommend she’s always willing to hear them.  

When she's not writing, she's probably traveling, dancing, listening to music, spending time with friends/family, playing with her pup, talking shit, or being delusional.

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Letting Love Lead

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